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Heads and Tales: Alec

by craniumcare Admin . January 21, 2019
In addition to keeping my hair long to hide my bald spots, I underwent every treatment short of surgery -- I tried ointments, creams, and topical gels. I went on a gluten free diet, took biotin, and put egg whites on my scalp. Once a month I would go to a doctor and get anywhere from ten to forty steroid shots injected into my scalp.

Heads and Tales: Michelle

by craniumcare Admin . January 03, 2019
I started to lose my hair just before my 21st birthday. I felt self-conscious, confused, unsightly. At first I took the medical route of oral and topical steroids, and I started wearing a wig. Then, after about 10 years, my boyfriend at the time helped me make the decision to go bald. He even shaved it for me!

Heads and Tales: Keya

by craniumcare Admin . December 22, 2018
I started to lose my hair at 2 years old. I’ve worn wigs since first grade -- been wearing lace wigs since before it was a fad! From a young age, I felt ugly even though I knew I was beautiful. Now, I am on way to becoming a superstar because I let go of fear.

Shave hair, save lives

by craniumcare Admin . December 07, 2018
One of the feel-good stories of the day is a memory shared by the Secret Service, recalling the time President George H.W. Bush shaved his head in support of a Secret Service member whose 2 year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia. 

Heads and Tales: Megan

by craniumcare Admin . December 01, 2018
This week, our featured baldie is Megan, of North Florida. She is a liver cancer survivor by means of organ transplantation, and has been courageously posting her lovely bald selfies on Instagram, hoping to help others who might be struggling with their own hair loss.

It's Halloween, you're bald, and you don't have a costume... Don't panic!

by craniumcare Admin . October 31, 2018
Never fear! Here's a quick rundown of the 6 easiest bald Halloween costumes that you can pull togeth

Go Bald, or Go Home

by craniumcare Admin . October 19, 2018
Remember the Japanese hotel we told you about that offered discounts to bald guys? Well, once again

Wise ideas, down the drain

by craniumcare Admin . April 04, 2018
It's not an Easter decoration: Comprehensive Cranium Care Head Wash just earned its Leaping Bunny, the consumer's official assurance that the product is made cruelty-free throughout its manufacturing process, from the testing stage through to each of the ingredients in the formulation.

Scalp Massage: Little Treatment, Big Benefits

by craniumcare Admin . February 13, 2018
What is scalp massage? You might already be a fan without realizing, if you ever got your hair washed at the salon and the person washing your hair added a little flair to the job.

Prince William Takes it All Off, and Other Hairless Heads of State

by craniumcare Admin . February 05, 2018
You might have noticed that the second in line to the British throne, Prince William, has been showing more and more skin on top of his head...

For Those About to Big Chop, We Salute You

by craniumcare Admin . January 30, 2018
If you've spent any time with C3's social accounts, you've heard about men and women who had enough with their hair and one day took it all off. For most this is a private experience without a name or hashtag and typically goes undocumented. But the self-buzzing we're discussing today is public...and uniting like-minded folks.

Power to the People: Women who Shaved it Off

by craniumcare Admin . January 16, 2018
Bald is something that happens to some people, and others choose it. But the feeling that comes after going hairless for some is a bonus to celebrate.

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