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Heads and Tales: Gina

by Adam Fitting . June 18, 2019
I started to lose my hair two weeks after my first chemo. I felt completely lost and had so much anx

Heads and Tales: Cavell

by Melissa Stern . June 11, 2019
I didn’t actually notice that I was losing my hair! I shaved it and it was like it never grew back.

Heads and Tales: Jare'd

by Bold Commerce . May 28, 2019
I started to lose my hair at age 24, and it was really hard for me. I felt like I was going to be be

C3 + CAP = Better Together

by craniumcare Admin . May 18, 2019
Here at C3 we are passionate about supporting CAP in their mission to raise awareness of alopecia.

Heads and Tales: Whitney

by Melissa Stern . May 14, 2019
I knew going bald would be drastic, but it would also eliminate tons of stress and anxiety. So I took the leap!

Heads and Tales: DJ

by Melissa Stern . May 07, 2019
In high school I started shaving my head out of laziness..but now I love my look and can't imagine going back.

Heads and Tales: Sylvia

by craniumcare Admin . April 30, 2019
I started to lose my hair when I was 47 years old. Now I understand that I am so much more than my hair. Having hair does not determine my beauty.

Heads and Tales: Phil

by craniumcare Admin . April 23, 2019
I started to lose my hair at the tender age of 19. It made me feel SHIT. I hated it. It hammered my confidence and contributed to about five years of quite serious anxiety issues (that I didn't realise at the time). Hence, why I do what I do now.

Heads and Tales: Tony

by craniumcare Admin . April 16, 2019
I started to lose my hair when I was 25. It made me feel very insecure. For a while I tried cutting it short and letting the barber work his magic. I'd have him use the shortest possible blade and fade in on the thinner spot. 

Why It's Time to Own Your Dome

by Horacio Gonzalez . April 12, 2019
There's something so simple that could change your life in a split second. It’s a very personal decision, and not an easy one. But doing it could be the best decision you ever make.

Heads and Tales: Elaine

by craniumcare Admin . April 09, 2019
I started to lose my hair 15 years ago. It made me feel like I wasn't beautiful, because I didn't have any hair anymore. Like, who would want to be with a woman with no hair?  I cried so much about what was happening to me.

Heads and Tales: Joey

by craniumcare Admin . April 02, 2019
I was in the middle of cutting my hair one afternoon, and I took the guard off the clippers to clean the hair out. As I was doing this, I looked in the mirror and saw a spot that I had missed. Without thinking, I just put the clippers up to it, but I hadn’t put the guard back on. So I now had a huge strip of baldness. My heart sank, but then I just kept going.

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