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Stress is Damaging Your Dome: Inside and Out

by Ben Clements . February 17, 2021
Stress has countless health effects, from depression to weight gain to heart disease. But new research has shed light on a whole new reason to avoid stress: it can screw up your skin! In this article, we look at some of the effects of stress on your skin. And then we'll give you a few actionable tips for reducing your own stress and keeping your skin happy! 

2021 is The Year to #GoBald… Here's Why

by Ben Clements . January 26, 2021
Are you, like millions of Americans, stuck in balding no man's land? Have you been anxiously watching that bald spot consume more and more of your head? Have you ever thought about saying “to hell with it!” and shaving it all off? If any of this rings true, then let this be your sign: The time has come to #GoBald!

On The Bright Side: 7 Positives of Being Bald in 2020

by Ben Clements . December 28, 2020
What a Year!  Who knew you could squeeze so many monumental historical events into 365 days? With

13 Halloween Costumes to Rock Your Bald Dome in 2020

by Ben Clements . October 30, 2020
Halloween 2020, like most of this year, is going to be a little different. We probably won't have huge Halloween parties to attend, and trick-or-treating will be adapted where it happens at all. It’s been an emotional year, and we all deserve to partake in the most normalized absurdity of modern culture: the Halloween costume. We've scoured pop culture to pick out our the 13 most epic baldy costumes. A few are quick and easy, and some a guartentted to turn heads! 

Skincare Tips for Your Beautiful Bald Dome

by Ben Clements . September 25, 2020
This month we celebrate all the courageous men and women who live each day with Alopecia. And we’re celebrating the best way we know how: by sharing actionable, evidence-based tips to help our readers take care of their beautiful bald domes.

Head Hydrate's Extraordinary Moisture-Trapping Powers Explained

by Ben Clements . June 14, 2020
When we decided to develop Head Hydrate, we were committed to creating a formula that would protect and nourish skin, without the use of harsh additives or toxic ingredients.

Heads and Tales: Amber

by Melissa Stern . April 28, 2020
I started to lose my hair in August 2018. It started with a small patch on the back of my head that I was able to hide easily at first.  Over the next six months, the spot grew...

These Four Ingredients Make Head Wash Perfect for Every Baldy

by Ben Clements . April 03, 2020
The 4 ingredients were heavily vetted and chosen for their effectiveness and safety, as well as environmental sustainability and long-term health benefits.

Heads and Tales: Quincy

by Melissa Stern . March 18, 2020
I started to lose my hair around age 32. It made me feel self conscious. I had long hair, and beaded

Natural, Organic, Non-toxic, Oh My! Demystifying Skincare Jargon

by Ben Clements . February 28, 2020
Here at C3, we get pretty amped about skin. We love to talk about our all-natural, eco-friendly, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, microbiome-friendly ingredients. And about how our formulas are free from phthalates, parabens, BPAs, and SLSs, and preserve the natural micro-ecology of the skin by balancing the acid mantle, the pH level, and the moisture barrier…

The Boldest Baldies of 2019

by Ben Clements . January 22, 2020
Today we want to shine the light on some of the boldest baldies of 2019. These people stand out as true pillars of the bald community- people who are willing to wear their hairless head proudly and promote acceptance for all. 

Caring for Your Whole Dome: Inside and Out!

by Ben Clements . January 02, 2020
This time of year is supposed to be all sugar plums and cheer, but if you're feeling like the holidays bring more stress than joy, you're not alone. Between finding the time (and money!) for shopping, traveling to visit family, and navigating ice-slicked roads the real “Magic of Christmas” (or "Miracle of Hanukkah") is how we all manage to keep it together. 
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