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What's so great about being bald? Why do I need Head Wash anyway? Isn't soap just as good? Can I use it on my face?

We answer all your burning questions about C3 products, and some you probably never even thought to ask.


Why do I need special products for my bald, shaved, or buzzed dome?

In short, the skin of your scalp and face are not exactly like the rest of your body. Most likely, whatever you're using now to clean your head - shampoo, soap, or body wash anyone? - are stripping necessary oils from your scalp and over-drying your skin. This can leave your skin feeling either tight, itchy and flaky, or greasy and shiny. C3 products are designed precisely to gently cleanse the skin of your scalp and face without stripping, so your skin will look and feel better than ever. 

What's so great about being bald?

Short answer? Bald is beautiful! It's a super cool look for both men and women. For a balding guy, shaving your head makes you look younger (and cooler). A bald woman stands out in a crowd. Plus, think of all the money you're saving on haircuts and styling products. Still not convinced? Google "bald men more dominant" and check out the research being done that shows bald men are perceived as more powerful and dominant. Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, anyone? 

Are C3 products all natural?

We are committed to the highest standards of safety for people and the environment, so all of our ingredients meet the Environmental Working Group (EWG) SkinDeep Level 1 or 2 rating for safety. This means you can feel confident that you're not putting any nasty chemicals on your skin or into the environment.  

Are C3 products cruelty free?

Yes! We love animals and do not test on them. C3 products are Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free - look for the cute bunny logo on our packaging. This means that not only do WE not test on animals, but all of our ingredients are sourced from companies that do not utilize animal testing either. 

I'm vegan. Can I eat your products?

No, but not because you're vegan. Feel free to use them on your body, just not in it. 

Will C3 products help regrow my hair?

Nope! If you hadn't noticed, we're all about celebrating bald domes around here, and are here to help you Own Your Dome® with products that make your bald head look and feel incredible. 

I'm sick of shaving my head! Can you keep my hair from growing?

Sorry, nope. But we CAN help make shaving more enjoyable. Watch for our new shaving product, Head Shave, coming soon!

Head Wash

What's in it?

Purified water: It's... well, it's water - the universal solvent.
Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate: A mild skin conditioner, designed to mimic the molecules that make up your skin's cell walls* by transporting and balancing the oils on your skin's surface. So mild to skin and eyes, it's suitable for baby and sensitive skin applications. This is what helps C3 Head Wash keep your scalp soft and smooth, without dryness or irritation. Side benefit - this ingredient provides remarkable antimicrobial and preservative boosting effects, so there are no additional preservatives needed. Yay!
Propanediol: Naturally derived from corn sugar, this ingredient helps balance the skin's pH, and pumps moisture into your skin. Other products opt for Propylene Glycol a.k.a. Anti-Freeze. Corn-derived Propanediol uses up to 35% less non- renewable energy than chemically-derived Propylene Glycol. That makes it better for you and the environment.
PPG-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide (Promidium™ CO): Helps C3 maintain its foam without using traditional foaming agents, and boosts cleansing. A plant-based emulsifier naturally derived from coconuts, it doesn't persist in the environment, so your local rivers and lakes are healthy for fish, plants, animals, and people.

Is Head Wash safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Head Wash is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, which means it will not irritate sensitive skin or clog pores. In fact, customers with sensitive skin and itchy/flaky scalp have seen great benefits from using Head Wash on a daily basis. Our Fragrance Free formula is your best option if you have very sensitive skin or are allergic to essential oils. 

How long will a bottle of Head Wash last me?

About a month, give or take. If you have a big old beard, maybe a bit less. If you've got no facial hair, probably a bit more. 

My non-bald partner stole my Head Wash! What should I do?

This is a pretty common problem among our customers, so you may feel better just knowing that you're not alone. Head Wash is great as a gentle facial cleanser and is also soothing after a shave, so we're hearing of more and more Head Wash thefts by hairy folks. Our advice: Order an extra bottle and share the love. 

Can I use it on my face?

Yes! See above "theft by hairy folks."

Head Hydrate

How much longer must I wait?!

We're so close we can taste it! (Not literally, please don't eat our products.) Packaging is ready to go, we're just waiting on production. Join our mailing list to stay posted when we launch! 

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