Comprehensive Cranium Care®
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Comprehensive Cranium Care® applies cutting-edge science to deliver a groundbreaking suite of grooming and personal care products for the sophisticated scalp. Offering functionality far beyond just a name, every C3 product is purpose-built, designed to care for your bald, buzzed, or shaved head like nothing else can. Founder Adam Fitting has owned his dome ever since a platinum bleach job/Caesar cut double-whammy gone awry led him to shave off his thinning hair. After a fruitless search for a head wash made for people without hair, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Adam’s vision for C3 is informed by his experiences as a bald man, as well as his concerns about human and environmental health. Every ingredient in a Comprehensive Cranium Care® product is there for a beneficial reason. By design, all C3 formulas work effectively while preserving the natural balance of the scalp.


We believe that if you’re bald you’re beautiful. Whether you’ve inherited genes from an ancestor, you’re fighting the fight of your life, or you just choose to shave off that high maintenance mop, you’re one of us. We are committed to celebrating clean craniums, highlighting healthy heads, protecting pristine pates, and nourishing natural noggins. #OwnYourDome






When Adam Fitting founded Comprehensive Cranium Care® he saw opportunity in an underserved market, and he had the bald head full of business and entrepreneurship experience needed to execute his plan. Following his discharge from the US Air Force in the early 90's, Adam founded Fitting Solutions, a technology and leadership consulting firm, and later co-founded Triumph Brewing Company, one of the East Coast's premier breweries. Adam joined Apple Inc. in 2005, and has lead teams designing business strategy and customer experience on three continents. He believes strongly in empowering people to create positive change in the world, building great products, sustainability, environmental responsibility, and community service – C3 products reflect those values.


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