How is C3 Head Wash different?

In short, C3 Head Wash is different from shampoo in nearly every way. Specifically, it is designed for skin, so it works great for your entire head, not just the top. It contains fewer ingredients, and each one is carefully selected for efficacy, environmental sustainability, and user experience.

Practically every shampoo you see uses the same mechanism as the detergents you use on your dishes and laundry (and often the same ingredients). They contain harsh surfactants that strip away oils and leave your hair and scalp squeaky clean. But that squeak also means they strip away the good with the bad. Ever notice that long list of ingredients on your shampoo bottle? These mind-boggling concoctions of ingredients are required to minimize the damage caused by the cheap surfactants most products employ.

Perhaps the most obvious difference is that C3 Head Wash is a foam. Most shampoos and face washes are variations on the 'goop' theme. Goops might be good for some things, but they aren't great for bald heads for a few reasons. Firstly, they make it hard to use the right amount. Because they are designed for hair, they are designed to deliver a lot of product, and we just don't need so much. Secondly, gluing all the various ingredients together takes some serious chemical engineering, and goops allow for a lot of "aesthetic margin." Thirdly, sparkles. Goops make it easy to suspend ingredients that make marketing departments happy. After all, shiny shampoo must give you shiny hair, right?

C3 Head Wash is different. It uses purified water and just three other active cutting edge ingredients that work together to preserve your skin's natural balance

C3 products are designed to deliver real results without unnecessary flash, so dump the goop and embrace the foam.

What's in it?

Purified water: It's... well, it's water - the universal solvent.

Myristamidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate: A mild skin conditioner, designed to mimic the molecules that make up your skin's cell walls* by transporting and balancing the oils on your skin's surface. So mild to skin and eyes, it's suitable for baby and sensitive skin applications. This is what helps C3 Head Wash keep your scalp soft and smooth, without dryness or irritation. Side benefit - this ingredient provides remarkable antimicrobial and preservative boosting effects, so there are no additional preservatives needed. Yay!

Propanediol: Naturally derived from corn sugar, this ingredient helps balance the skin's pH, and pumps moisture into your skin. Other products opt for Propylene Glycol a.k.a. Anti-Freeze. Corn-derived Propanediol uses up to 35% less non- renewable energy than chemically-derived Propylene Glycol. That makes it better for you and the environment.

PPG-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide (Promidium™ CO): Helps C3 maintain its foam without using traditional foaming agents, and boosts cleansing. A plant-based emulsifier naturally derived from coconuts, it doesn't persist in the environment, so your local rivers and lakes are healthy for fish, plants, animals, and people.

Fun Fact: Our fragrance-free formula is generally very happy to accept your favorite perfume or cologne. If you like to "fragrance layer," try a drop or two of your favorite cologne or perfume and give the bottle a healthy cocktail shake. Voila!

* That's bio-memetic phospholipids for the geeky crowd.

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