Heads and Tales: Amber

Heads and Tales: Amber

Heads and Tales: Amber

I started to lose my hair in August 2018. It started with a small patch on the back of my head that I was able to hide easily at first. Over the next six months, the spot grew and more patches started to show up. For quite a while I could get away with covering the thinning hair and patches with my winter hat or chunky headband. Finally I could no longer find a decent place to part my hair, and it stopped covering a big patch on the side. At that point it made more sense to just get rid of it all instead of how ridiculous it looked trying to hide it.

Now I feel like a new person. I won’t lie and say I never miss my hair...but if I can’t have it, I definitely do not miss clumps of hair falling out in the shower and when brushing, random stray hairs being found EVERYWHERE, and feeling self conscious about the patches showing. Peace of mind is worth more than any amount of hair any day!

Being a woman with no hair is like… It’s like being a woman with hair. No matter what, I am still me. There is nothing more rewarding than being stronger mentally and emotionally than an autoimmune disease that is trying to change you. And it’s amazing to connect with and help others in the same situation.


Amber is a Certified Surgical Technologist in Wisconsin. In her spare time she can be found going to as many concerts as possible, taking road trips, enjoying wine nights with friends, and binging her favorite shows. Follow along with her @ambala4 and @freestyletiltheend

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