Heads and Tales: Quincy

by Melissa Stern . March 18, 2020

I started to lose my hair around age 32. It made me feel self conscious. I had long hair, and beaded it over the spot to try to cover it up. I’d made a promise to myself to cut all my hair off if I started to develop a bald spot, but once it actually happened I got cold feet. I finally shaved it two weeks after my son's hair was cut for the first time - his hair was also braided and very long.

Now I feel free and I’ve discovered that the same people that say you look good with hair say the same without hair. I love it. It’s nice and clean and easy to manage. I’ve had Afros, flattops, long braids and low fades. But I wouldn’t go back. Those days are gone...no need to relive that.



Originally from St. Kitts, @qfrance is now a personal trainer, exporter, and event host in Harlem, NYC. When not working out, you can find him playing sports, cooking, traveling, and watching movies.

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