On The Bright Side: 7 Positives of Being Bald in 2020

On The Bright Side: 7 Positives of Being Bald in 2020

On The Bright Side: 7 Positives of Being Bald in 2020

What a Year! 

Who knew you could squeeze so many monumental historical events into 365 days? With everything that’s happened this year, we thought it'd be fitting to do a little year-in-review article. And in classic Cranium Care style, we're taking a look at 2020 through the eyes of a bald head. 

The 7 Positives of 2020 for Baldies

2020 wasn't all bad! Yes, we faced hardships. We overcame challenges. We’ve felt frustrated, hurt, and hopeless. 

But there have also been great joys this year. There has been hope and love and progress. And today, we want to focus on a few of those things. Here are a few of the best things about being a baldy in 2020. 

1. Your Mask Fits

Masks save lives. However, wearing a mask everywhere you go is a drag. But hairy-headed folks have the added challenge of getting their mask to fit over and around their hair. No such struggle exists for baldies!

2. You Skipped Some Showers

Working from home has some perks. Not wearing pants and skipping the daily shower are a couple of my favorites. Your peers have to worry about greasy hair giving them away on Zoom. Not so for you, baldie!

3. You Learned to Bake Bread

During spring lockdown thousands of quarenteeners spent the time learning new skills. One popular skill: baking bread. If you hopped on this bandwagon, then you enjoyed this age-old past time without the threat of long hair falling into your dough. 

4. You Saw A Fellow Baldie Go Viral

Nathan Apodac, who goes by 420doggface208 on TicToc, had his video rack up over 60 million views. In this TicToc, Apodac is seen skateboarding down the road, drinking from a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”. 

After the video went viral, Ocean Spray donated a truck full of cranberry juice to Apodac, and hundreds of people remade his video, including Mick Fleeetwood, Shakira, and Stevie Nicks. 

5. You Enjoyed Free Art, Virtually

Hundreds of creatives from around the world streamed and shared their art for free. From live concerts to virtual museum tours to art exhibits, creatives from all over created and shared art to keep us feeling entertained and connected. Notable baldies that participated include Chris Daughtry, Billy Joel, and Kenny Chesney. 

6. Your Head Shine Blinded Coworkers on Zoom

We all got a crash course in hosting remote meetings this year. We also discovered that bald heads can catch the light just right and blind everyone on the Zoom call. Bet you didn't know that dome lasers were a perk of baldness! 

7. You Slowed Down

Modern society moves fast. Constant stimulation competes for our attention. Hectic work lives, endless social obligations, and extracurricular commitments have us on the run from sunup to sundown. This year, we slowed down.

We stayed home. We read books. We learned new skills. We took time to reflect. We examined our own beliefs and prejudices, especially around race. We figured out how to connect without being face-to-face. We spent quality time with loved ones over phone and video calls.

woman and child on video call

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

The End is Near

This pandemic is going to end. It probably won’t be next month, or even the month after. But with vaccinations rolling out, it will end. What happens next will be up to us. 

Do we go back to endless hustle? Do we return to physically-close-but-emotionally distant interactions with those around us? Will we forget the lessons we learned? The new skills we acquired? The hobbies we fell in love with? 

The decision will be ours. Yours and mine. I, for one, hope that we don’t go back. 

Cheers to a hopeful new year! Let’s mourn the thousands who won’t be coming with us into 2021. Let’s remember the lessons that we learned this year. And let’s carve a new path forward to a better tomorrow. 


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