2021 is The Year to #GoBald… Here's Why

2021 is The Year to #GoBald… Here's Why

2021 is The Year to #GoBald… Here's Why

Congratulations! You made it through 2020 relatively unscathed. As we venture into the new year with cautious optimism, each of us is trying to decide how to approach this year. Should it be with fear? With hesitation? Or is 2021 the year for bold, decisive action? 

Are you, like millions of Americans, stuck in balding no man's land? Somewhere between a full head of hair and a clean-shaven dome. Have you been anxiously watching that bald spot consume more and more of your head? Have you ever thought about saying “to hell with it!” and shaving it all off? 

If any of this rings true, then let this be your sign: The time has come to #GoBald! 

There is no better time to take the leap and shave the dome. 2021 is your year to go big and be bold. Below you’ll find the top reasons to make this the year that you stop hiding and start living. 


You have a few months to perfect the look

If you are among the 42% of Americans that are still working mostly remotely, then you still have a few months to perfect your new look before you have to return to the office. This will give you time to work on your shaving technique, test out a few razors, and optimize your domecare routine. 


You’ll get to start seeing people again, why not surprise them with a new look?

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout marks the beginning of the end. This god-forsaken pandemic is entering the final stages. Soon enough, like groundhogs checking for their shadows, we’ll emerge from isolation. Some of us are going to have to relearn social skills… and remember to wear pants! 

Why not surprise your colleagues with a brand new, fresh look? With all the change and excitement of returning to onsite work, your new hairdo will fly under the radar. 

You will save some cash

The average American spends about $80 per year on hair care products, and another $200 dollars throughout the year on haircuts. On top of that, some folks add to the costs by using styling or hair regrowth products. 

In contrast, the average baldy will spend about $80 each year on Head Wash to keep his or her head clean and healthy. The other major cost is razor blades, which run about $25 per year. 

All of that considered you’ll save an average of $100 each year by switching to a bald dome. 


You’ll save hours of time

On average, American’s spend 25 minutes each morning getting ready each day. Most of this time is spent washing, conditioning, drying, brushing, and styling hair. This time adds up quickly. 25 minutes per day is 175 minutes per week and 700 minutes (11.6 hours) per month!

Compare this to your average baldy: Most shave 2-3 times per week. When they do, it generally takes about 15 minutes. And men who don’t wear a full beard will already be spending this time shaving their face. It only takes an extra 5 minutes to cover the rest of the dome. Without hair to wash, a baldy can get clean in the shower in about 5 minutes. This averages out to 10 minutes per day. 

The time saved ends up being about 15 minutes per day, 105 minutes per week, and 420 minutes (7 hours) saved each month. What could you do with an extra 7 hours every month? 

You’ll look stronger, taller, and more dominant

A 2012 study, performed by Albert Mannes at the University of Pennsylvania, found that photos of bald people were perceived as more dominant, more confident, taller, and stronger than their hair-headed counterparts. No surprise there! Folks like Jeff Bezos, Ayanna Pressley, and Jason Statham are often seen as strong and dominant. 

Shaving may even be good for your career. According to the study, “men experiencing natural hair loss may improve their interpersonal standing by shaving.” Could appearing more confident and dominant improve your standing at work?

Your confidence will skyrocket

Based on our own survey data and conversations with our community, shaving your head will be one of the most freeing experiences of your life. Many in the Cranium Care community describe the moment as “liberating” and say that afterward, they felt much more confident about themselves and their appearance. 

Just look at what C3 customer Paul had to say:

“Looking back, this was the single most empowering moment of life, as not only did it lift a weight off my shoulders (quite literally) but it also helped to take back control of my life and restore my ailing confidence.”


What are you waiting for?

I can just hear the excuses bouncing around your head. “What will people think?” “I don’t have the right head shape” “I don’t have any idea how to shave my head!”

You hear it too? That’s your Ego, trying to hold you back. It fears change, and anything that might make you stand out and be seen. 

It's up to you to tell the naysayers in your head to take a hike. You have a decision to make. Will you continue watching your hairline recede? Trying in vain to hang onto your disappearing hair?


Will you step into your truth? Will you shed the fear and uncertainty? Will you take the leap?

We hope you do. There will never be a better time. No more delay. No more excuses. Make TODAY the day that you be bold and Own Your Dome! 


Which of your friends needs some encouragement?

We all have that friend who refuses to accept their balding. They try every remedy under the sun from pills to creams to comb overs.

Maybe all they need to finally make the leap, is a little encouragement from you. We give you carte blanche to send this article over as a little encouragement. Just send them this link→  https://cranium.care/blogs/news/2021-is-the-year-to-gobald 

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