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Scalp Massage: Little Treatment, Big Benefits

by craniumcare Admin . February 14, 2018
What is scalp massage? You might already be a fan without realizing, if you ever got your hair washed at the salon and the person washing your hair added a little flair to the job.

Prince William Takes it All Off, and Other Hairless Heads of State

by craniumcare Admin . February 06, 2018
You might have noticed that the second in line to the British throne, Prince William, has been showing more and more skin on top of his head...

For Those About to Big Chop, We Salute You

by craniumcare Admin . January 31, 2018
If you've spent any time with C3's social accounts, you've heard about men and women who had enough with their hair and one day took it all off. For most this is a private experience without a name or hashtag and typically goes undocumented. But the self-buzzing we're discussing today is public...and uniting like-minded folks.

Power to the People: Women who Shaved it Off

by craniumcare Admin . January 17, 2018
Bald is something that happens to some people, and others choose it. But the feeling that comes after going hairless for some is a bonus to celebrate.

Alyssa Kessel is losing at pageants and winning at life

by craniumcare Admin . January 11, 2018
Introducing Alyssa, who competed for Miss Montana 2017 without hair.

5 Reasons to Buzz Off for the New Year

by craniumcare Admin . December 30, 2017
There's no better time to make a dramatic change than the turn of the new year. But if you're still hesitating, here are some reasons that may tip the scale to the bald side.

It pays to be bald: 3 discounts for the follicly challenged

by craniumcare Admin . December 12, 2017
It's well established that hairless heads are easier and cheaper to care for. But at one Japanese hotel chain, checking in with a balding scalp means a discount of 500 yen per night—about $4.40 in US dollars.

What's the Deal with C3?

by craniumcare Admin . December 07, 2017
You may be wondering what the deal is with C3 Head Wash. Why not just use shampoo or soap to clean your bald or buzzed scalp? Or, for that matter, body wash? Your head is on your body, right?
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