What's the Deal with C3?

What's the Deal with C3?

What's the Deal with C3?

You may be wondering what the deal is with C3 Head Wash.

Why not just use shampoo or soap to clean your bald or buzzed scalp? Or, for that matter, body wash? Your head is on your body, right?

Here's why not: none of those products are made for a hairless head. The skin on the head isn't hair, and it's not like the rest of the skin from your neck on down. It's a scalp, with its own micro-ecology that should be kept in balance.

“The skin on your head isn’t hair, and it’s not like the rest of the skin from your neck on down.”

Shampoo, body wash, and soap use surfactants, just like the detergent you use on your dishes. Unfortunately, they strip away not just the dirt, but all the good stuff in your skin too, like moisture. So your skin becomes as squeaky clean as a dinner plate fresh out of the dishwasher - and particularly on your bald scalp, this can result in dry, flaky skin. Now more conditioning ingredients have to be added to counteract that stripping effect. That's not the case with C3 Head Wash, which is designed to carefully cleanse your hair-free dome, without stripping or drying. It just four ingredients, each one in there for a distinct purpose, and none of them are there to offset the bad effects of another ingredient.

Another difference: Think about how most shampoos and body washes lather up into something thick and creamy like a dessert topping. This is another result of those harsh foaming agents discussed above. C3 purposely sidesteps such nonsense by using a pump to create an environmentally friendly foam for your dome.

Which is really all you need, and nothing you don't.

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