5 Reasons to Buzz Off for the New Year

5 Reasons to Buzz Off for the New Year

5 Reasons to Buzz Off for the New Year

There's no better time to make a dramatic change than the turn of the new year.

Witness Tom Russo, a retired cop from northern New Jersey, current motorcycle enthusiast, and part-time private security guard. He shaved his balding head on New Year's Eve 1999 and never looked back.

But if you're still hesitating, here are some reasons that may tip the scale to the bald side.

Save money. One reason Tom went for the clippers--he was tired of paying full price at the barber for cutting half a head of hair.

Another reason cited by Tom and numerous others we've talked to: convenience. It's just easier than fighting the inevitable, and it's easier than maintaining the remaining hair. But by no means is embracing baldness a defeat. It's a change for the better.

Come on: It looks better. It's not only considered sexier by many, but it's also a makes for a bolder, ormore commanding look.

Whatever the state of your hairline, you might want to shave it off for a worthy cause, like the St. Baldrick's Foundation to help end childhood cancer. At their events, shavees raise funds, plus they continue to raise awareness every time they show their drastically changed looks. C3 is a proud supporter, with $1 from every bottle going to St. Baldrick's. The shaving-for-a-cause trend has spread, with other examples like these NHL players who raised over $30,000 for cancer earlier this month as part of Leucan's Shaved Head Challenge.

And for those with a full head of hair, man or woman: it's a daring style choice. Have you seen some of these badasses?

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