These Four Ingredients Make Head Wash Perfect for Every Baldie

These Four Ingredients Make Head Wash Perfect for Every Baldie

These Four Ingredients Make Head Wash Perfect for Every Baldie

*This is the 2nd article in a 3-part series on skincare terminology and ingredients. If you missed it, check out our article on understanding skincare terms here.*

What Makes Head Wash So Cool?

When C3 Founder Adam Fitting decided to develop a head wash for the boldly bald, they enlisted the help of Dr. Mark Chandler of ACT Solutions Corp. Starting from the drawing board, they determined which components of soap are actually necessary, and which are harmful additives. They stripped away all the junk, and chose just 4 evidence-based, healthy ingredients. 

These 4 ingredients were heavily vetted and chosen for their effectiveness and safety, as well as environmental sustainability and long-term health benefits.

The Power Is in the Ingredients

Purified water

It doesn't get much safer than water! The water we use goes through an extensive purification process to remove any trace elements or contaminants. 

Myristamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate

This chemical (which I have NO idea how to pronounce) is a mild conditioner. It keeps your scalp wonderfully smooth and prevents dryness or irritation. It’s an effective cleanser that gently removes dirt and grime without ruining your microbiome. 

Chemically, it’s made up of phospholipids which mimic the structure of skin cells. This structure is generally well-tolerated by your immune system. It’s been scientifically tested* and is considered safe for use on skin, even for infants. Bonus: It has mild antimicrobial effects so it also acts as a preservative. 


Naturally derived from corn sugar, propanediol helps to moisturize skin and balance pH. It also helps your skin absorb the other ingredients in Head Wash. The FDA considers* propanediol to be safe for both humans and the environment. It uses 35% less energy to produce than propylene glycol (the cheap alternative that many brands use) and is kinder to skin. Propanediol is 100% biodegradable and does not accumulate in soil, air, or water. A panel of experts from the Cosmetic Ingredient Review* (CIR) determined that propanediol is safe and gentle on skin.

PPG-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide

PPG-2 hydroxyethyl cocamide is made from coconuts. It helps Head Wash maintain a pleasing foam without using harsh foaming agents. This gentle detergent cleanses and soothes your skin without stripping away your protective oils and microbes. The CIR determined that* this ingredient is safe for skin and eyes. It’s also considered environmentally friendly, so your local wildlife will thank you!

Time to Pamper Your Skin

Head Wash is different from shampoo in nearly every way. It is specifically designed for baldies, and works wonders on all of your skin. Each of these ingredients has been tested for safety, effectiveness, and environmental sustainability. Our unique formula keeps skin healthy and supports optimal function by maintaining the perfect pH balance and moisturization. 

We have diligently kept toxic ingredients out of our products and worked closely with dermatologists to produce a superior skin care product. 

Head Wash is hypoallergenic, microbiome-friendly, and toxin-free. It is certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny program*, and is soon to be USDA Biobased* certified (if you don’t know any of these terms, check out our skincare terminology article).

We’re committed to using only high-quality ingredients that are kind to skin and the planet. Your skin is your largest organ, and your #1 defence against invaders. Doesn’t it make sense to take care of it? We think so. 

Give Head Wash a try today, your skin will thank you! 






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