Heads and Tales: Jare'd

Heads and Tales: Jare'd

Heads and Tales: Jare'd

I started to lose my hair at age 24, and it was really hard for me. I felt like I was going to be be very unattractive bald, so I tried a bunch of things to cover up the hair loss. I used everything from Bigen hair dye to Toppik hair fibers…  

This worked for a couple of years, until I went to a new barber and he didn’t blend my hair right. I realized the Toppik wouldn’t work anymore, so I just had to chop it.

Now I feel great being bald and I’m confident with my look. I have learned to adjust. I feel that it is a look I have grown into. In fact, I wouldn’t go back to having hair. I feel that being bald is my lane.


Jare’d is a real estate agent and brand influencer from Indianapolis, now living in Brooklyn. Follow along and be inspired on Instagram: @jagoodloe and Facebook: Jared Goodloe.

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