C3 + CAP = Better Together

C3 + CAP = Better Together

C3 + CAP = Better Together

The Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP) is on a mission to help any child living with Alopecia and dealing with hair loss. CAP achieves this mission through four primary objectives: 1) growing confidence, 2) building self-esteem, 3) providing support to children and their families, and 4) raising awareness of the condition amongst a wider public audience. We are extremely proud to be supporting CAP in this worthy mission!

Here at C3 we are passionate about supporting CAP in their mission to raise awareness of alopecia and to educate people on the condition. We recognize that while adults often struggle to find beauty and confidence in their bald looks, the challenges are different for children. CAP focuses on changing the narrative from ‘growing hair to growing confidence’ and Comprehensive Cranium Care advocates for bald positivity through the Own Your Dome® movement. This partnership is a natural fit because both companies share the same mission: promoting bald positivity. 

As the only non-profit organization dedicated to children with alopecia, CAP is making their mark on the landscape and changing children’s lives for the better. Throughout the implementation of diverse programming, CAP is holistically educating the public while supporting those who need it the most. 

As part of the 'CAP2U School Library Program,' CAP founder Jeff Woytovich goes on speaking tours to educate school children and donate books about alopecia and being different. This program improved people’s understanding of alopecia by answering pressing questions and representing children with alopecia in books has given them a boost in their self-confidence. Worldwide, over 50 support groups, called 'CAP Kids Groups,' exist to provide a community to children and their families. The 'CAP Kids Connects' program connects children with alopecia to support groups or other children with alopecia in their area. 

CAP’s largest program is their numerous CAP Kids Camps for children and their families. Maine is home to Alopeciapalooza and California is home to Calipalooza, the annual international camps for children and their families. Other camps exist in Ohio, Colorado, Washington State, and North Carolina.

None of the amazing, groundbreaking work that the Children’s Alopecia Fund does would be possible without generous donors and supporters. If possible, consider making a donation here so no child with alopecia struggles with their self-confidence. Childhood is hard enough.

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