Heads and Tales: Sylvia

Heads and Tales: Sylvia

Heads and Tales: Sylvia

I started to lose my hair when I was 47 years old. It made me feel anxious, and I tried various ways to hide it -- fibers, sprays, and powders, etc. I also buzzed it very low to make the thinning less apparent.

About 10 years ago, I cut it really short by accident and never went back. I loved how it made my face look, how it makes my facial features pop and allows me to appreciate my unique beauty. I feel sexy and exotic.

Since shaving my head I feel confident and empowered. I feel bald and beautiful! Before the big chop, I had locs (dreadlocs) for 10 years. Now the maintenance is simple -- I shave it down once a week.

Being a bald woman is empowering. There is no hiding. You are fully exposed. I’ve learned that I am so much more than my hair. Having hair does not determine my beauty.

I love that it really makes me stand out in a crowd and makes me feel youthful and sexy. I'm never going back! If I want hair, I put on my hair hat (aka a wig).

* * * * *

Sylvia is living a fabulous retirement in Washington D.C. where you can find her singing, modeling, shopping, volunteering and teaching. 

Follow along on social: @Sylvadoll , @Sylviaselects, and Sylvia Danley-Smith. 

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