Heads and Tales: Phil

Heads and Tales: Phil

Heads and Tales: Phil

I started to lose my hair at the tender age of 19. It made me feel SHIT. I hated it. It hammered my confidence and contributed to about five years of quite serious anxiety issues (that I didn't realise at the time). Hence, why I do what I do now.

For a long while I lived under a cap! That's it. And dreaded those pub bouncer words: "No hats in 'ere mate"......fuck! I hung on and hung on. Everyone was telling me to give in, but I thought I’d look "more bald" if I did. Ha! Then I decided to clip it a few days before I went travelling for nine months. I figured no one I knew would see me when I was away, so why not.

Now I feel AMAZING. Almost 20 years since I started balding, it's given me a new and better identity. It caused me to become excellently witty and a master of laughing at myself. I wouldn’t change it if I could.

If any chap is reading this and telling himself the stories like "no chick will ever fancy me bald"......"I'll  look so ugly"......"I can't believe this is happening, why me??".......take it from me. Those stories are all complete bollocks.

P.S. For the record, chicks love bald guys ;-)

Phil lives in London and is a confidence coach for men with hair loss issues. He shows men they can lose their hair WITHOUT losing their head. Follow along for cheeky advice @thephilhyland.

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