Heads and Tales: Tony

by craniumcare Admin . April 16, 2019

I started to lose my hair when I was 25. It made me feel very insecure. For a while I tried cutting it short and letting the barber work his magic. I'd have him use the shortest possible blade and fade in on the thinner spot. 

Then one day I was watching The Rock in 'Ballers' and it hit me: Why am I trying so hard to hang on to what is already gone? He looks great, and dammit I could too!

Now I seriously feel 20 years younger!! I live life with more confidence and I use my head shaving time as the ultimate ‘me time.’

I’m finally the man I was meant to be.

Tony is a locomotive engineer from Chicago. When not in the head-shaving-zone, he can be found running and playing video games. Oh, and inspiring other people to live their best life @symphony_of_awesomeness

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