Heads and Tales: Joey

Heads and Tales: Joey

Heads and Tales: Joey

I started to lose my hair at age 25. I felt absolutely terrible. I never tried anything to hold onto it,  but my self worth plummeted to zero and I feared that I wouldn’t book as much work anymore.

My “Okay, it’s go time” happened in the fall of 2016. At this point I was cutting my own hair with clippers. I was in the middle of cutting my hair one afternoon, and I took the guard off the clippers to clean the hair out. As I was doing this, I looked in the mirror and saw a spot that I had missed. Without thinking, I just put the clippers up to it, but I hadn’t put the guard back on. So I now had a huge strip of baldness. My heart sank, but then I just kept going.

Now I feel fantastic! I look back at how much effort I put into worrying about my hair loss and laugh!

Your hair, or lack of hair, does not define you. It does not create your worth. You are not Rapunzel or Samson. Also, it’s wonderful to no longer spend money on hair cuts and other hair related maintenance.

Joey is a triple threat (actor/dancer/singer) in Chicago, IL. Offstage, he can be found unwinding with a book or crossword puzzle, or coloring (very seriously). Follow along @j_kuba on Instagram and @JoeYour_OwnWay on Twitter to laugh, cry, and be entertained

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