Heads and Tales: Jordan

Heads and Tales: Jordan

Heads and Tales: Jordan

I started thinning at the age of 19...by 20 there was a noticeable bald spot. At first, losing my hair made me feel inadequate and even ugly. For a while I tried Rogaine in hopes that my hair would grow back, but that didn’t work. After that I just wore hats for a while trying to hide the balding. 

One day, I saw myself in our security camera at work and my bald spot was showing very badly. I decided I’d rather embrace myself and go full bald rather than keep the bald spot and be ashamed of it.

I’m probably the most confident I’ve ever been about my bald head now. My friends like to tease me about it, but they all had a very positive reaction after I shaved it and most agreed that I looked better bald.

I honestly never had great hair anyway! I would comb it over to one side, but my hair was always greasy/wispy. But after shaving my hair, I’ve learned to enjoy other features of my face and body more. 

I just think it’s important for everyone to feel good in their own skin and feel proud of their genetics, including male pattern baldness.


Jordan is a supervisor at Starbucks in Jonesboro, AR. In his free time he can be found running, gaming, and not worrying about his hair. @jordanswhitlock

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