Heads and Tales: Rose

Heads and Tales: Rose

Heads and Tales: Rose

I started to lose my hair last April. It made me feel so stressed out! I thought it was just postpartum related but I was so wrong. It was heartbreaking.

Of course, at first I tried to hide my hair loss. I tried hair filler for a while and that worked great, but then I lost so much that it was impossible. When the filler stopped helping and I started to lose my eyebrows, I decided I needed to figure out what was going on. That's the point when I finally went to the dermatologist and found out it was alopecia.

Honestly, now I feel relieved. Now that all my hair is gone (literally, everything) I'm not as stressed. The falling out was the hardest part, but now that's it's all gone, it is what it is and I can move forward. 

Losing your hair definitely affects your self image and confidence.  Beauty standards dictate that bald is unhealthy or alien-like. I felt much better once I got my eyebrows tattooed and learned how to wrap head scarves. My confidence is coming back, but I still feel unattractive at times. The baldie Instagram community has helped immensely with my journey!

And you know what? Being bald has reset my thoughts on vanity, beauty and self confidence. I have to be stronger than most women, who already have issues with those things. I'm a stronger, shinier, balder version of myself... and maybe that's my best self.

 bald Asian woman with alopecia looking awesome


Rose is an operations and process improvement expert, originally from DC. BK (before kid) she enjoyed hiking, crocheting, wood-carving, and generally getting her craft on. AK (after kid) she can be found playing with her child...and drinking whisky when said child goes to bed. ; )
You can follow along on her alopecia journey (and marvel at her amazing head scarf wrapping skills) @alopecianvida.

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