Winter Domecare Tips for the Boldly Bald

Winter Domecare Tips for the Boldly Bald

Winter Domecare Tips for the Boldly Bald

Winter is fraught with danger. Icy sidewalks threaten to drop you on your arse, sheets of falling snow obstruct your vision, and the cold, dry air takes its toll on your skin. 

Your beautiful, fragile skin has a tough battle in the colder months. The air pulls moisture away, leaving skin dry and cracked. Low temperatures damage skin cells and sunlight reflects off of white snow to assault your skin with dangerous UV rays. 

Yup- winter is no cakewalk for the bald of head. The more skin that’s exposed to the elements, the more potential there is for damage. Cracking, frostbite, sunburn, and skin-aging are all potential dangers of winter. 

But fear not; with great prevention comes great protection! All of these dangers are 100% avoidable with a proper domecare routine. I dug into the research to find the best evidence-based skincare tips for protecting your bald dome. Enjoy! 

Top Domecare Tips

You control your dome-destiny. Will you be stuck with red, cracking skin that itches constantly and noticeably flakes? Or will your skin be supple, moist, and well-cared for throughout the year? The choice, my smooth-domed friend, is yours! 

I’ve identified the 6 most important techniques and treatments for combating winter’s danger to protect your stunning skin.

  1. Use a humidifier: Running a humidifier is a simple and effective method for increasing the moisture of the air in your home. Winter air is extremely dry, and it gets even dryer when we turn the thermostat up. A humidifier helps to moisten the air and protect your skin.
  2. Use sunscreen: This one seems a little silly doesn’t it? The sun is barely out during the winter, and it’s not nearly as hot. However, dangerous UV rays make their way through the atmosphere, even in the winter. These rays are often reflected off of bright snow-covered surfaces so that your skin is being assaulted from every angle. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends applying sunscreen (at least SPF 15) to any uncovered skin when venturing outdoors in the winter.
  3. Eat well and drink water: Your food and water become the raw materials your body uses to do thousands of important jobs. These include regulating the temperature and moisture of your skin, repairing damaged skin, and building new skin cells. All of this tough work requires lots of protein, fat, water, and vitamins. Be sure to eat a balanced diet, with plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables, and drink extra water during the winter, around 10 cups daily. 
  4. Wear protective clothing: Warm, thick layers of clothing are your #1 defense against the cold. Dermatologists recommend wearing soft clothing next to your skin. Wool and other rough textures can scratch and irritate dry skin. Also, if you’re someone who loves to show off your bald dome, wait until you get indoors to do so. A soft, thick stocking cap will protect your dome from sun damage and the cold, dry air.
  5. Wash carefully: Skin is fragile in the winter. Like a lovely lady, it needs to be handled delicately. Vigorously scrubbing or exfoliating will remove protective oils and skin cells leaving your skin raw and vulnerable. Also, it pays to invest in a skin-friendly, gentle cleanser that will clean skin without damaging it. C3's all-natural, fragrance-free head wash is tough on dirt but gentle on skin. It provides all the cleaning power without any of the nasty chemicals or additives. 
  6. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!: This is a biggie! The dry winter air sucks all the moisture out of your skin, leaving it dry and cracked. The best way to protect your skin is to use a thick, lipid-rich moisturizer. An excellent time to moisturize is immediately after a shower when you’re still slightly damp. A quality moisturizer will lock the water in close to your skin to help keep it hydrated. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends avoiding products that contain alcohol and fragrances which can dry and irritate your skin. Instead, choose a dome-friendly, nutrient-packed moisturizer like C3’s Head Hydrate. Your skin will thank you! 


From skiing to snowshoeing to looking at wonderful Christmas lights, there’s a lot to love about winter. The cold weather is a great excuse to sip some hot cocoa by the fire or stay in on Friday night for a warm bath and a thrilling book. 

Winter is also the perfect time to prioritize your dome care. If you let it, the cold, dry air will sap away the moisture and vitality from your skin. But you have the power! Remember to drink some extra water, dress for the weather, and choose high-quality, pro-dome skincare products. You got this! 



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