This Thanksgiving, Our Focus is on Giving

This Thanksgiving, Our Focus is on Giving

This Thanksgiving, Our Focus is on Giving

A Very Special Giving Event

Instead of a flashy Black Friday sale, this year we decided to do something a little different. From midnight on Black Friday (11/29) through Giving Tuesday (12/3), C3 will donate 50% of ALL proceeds to The Children's Alopecia Project (CAP).

That means you can pick-up our all-natural Head Wash or our skin-friendly moisturizing Head Hydrate and with your purchase support an amazing organization. Pretty cool, right?!

Why We Love CAP

Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP) is an amazing non-profit organization. The Woytovich Family started CAP when their daughter Maddie (then 5) was diagnosed with Alopecia, and they couldn’t find a support group specifically for kids with Alopecia. They decided to form an organization to support and bring together families affected by this challenging disease.

Just like C3, CAP believes that bald is beautiful. They fight the stigma that their members face by spreading awareness and education. CAP is an invaluable organization that has helped countless kids with Alopecia find support and self-confidence. Here at C3, we look for every opportunity we can to support their vital mission.

Why Does the World Need CAP?

Imagine walking into your classroom on the first day of 1st grade sporting your brand new backpack, favorite t-shirt, and neon green skin. Every eye turns to you. The raucous classroom grinds to a halt as everyone stops to stare at you with expressions of confusion, pity, or mirth. You see some of the kids whispering to each other, and hear hushed voices, “what’s wrong with her head?!...she looks funny…”

This is the daily experience of the roughly 300,000 American kids living with Alopecia Areata. No, their skin isn’t green, but they stand out as if it were. This autoimmune disorder causes kids to lose some or all of their body hair, including on their heads. Judgment and lack of understanding from peers often lead to these kids being ostracized, excluded, and bullied. 

Children’s Alopecia Project is working hard to help. Each year, Founder Jeff Woytovich travels to schools around the country, to educate and inspire. His message is simple: being different isn’t bad. Woytovich’s mission is to “change the emphasis from growing hair to growing confidence.” By building self-esteem, providing resources, and raising awareness, CAP supports children all over the world. 

What Does CAP Do?

CAP is a  501(c) 3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting and uplifting children with Alopecia. They focus on 4 key pillars: 

** Confidence: Teaching kids that they are perfect and loved just the way they are.
** Self-Esteem: Teaching kids to love their beautiful, unique selves. 
** Support: Building a community of Alopecia families, so that kids feel less alone and parents have access to information, resources, and support.
** Awareness: Educating fellow students about Alopecia reduces stigma

CAP operates on donations and puts all funds to good use. They strive to promote self-confidence, foster relationships between Alopecia families, and educate others about this disease. CAP donations fund programs such as:

Local support groups around the country. These groups host events and outings that allow Alopecia families to come together to support each other. 
CAP2U Speaking Tours travel all over the country, speaking at schools and events to educate and spread awareness. Helping their classmates understand this disease ultimately improves inclusion for these kids and reduces bullying. 
The CAP Kid Library Program donates books about Alopecia and being different to schools, to help educate students and reduce stigma.
Twice per year, CAP hosts international festivals celebrating people living with Alopecia. These events allow kids from around the world to come together and celebrate their uniqueness. 
CAP Kid Connections Program and Directory connects parents with educational resources, support groups, and other CAP families. 

    Other Ways to Support This Awesome Mission

    The Children’s Alopecia Project is working hard, with limited resources, to spread awareness and positivity while supporting kids that live with this tough disease. Through their efforts, hundreds of Alopecia kids have come together to lift each other up. CAP understands that bald is beautiful, and they’re working hard to spread this message of acceptance around the world. 

    But they can’t do it alone! That's why we're donating 50% of the proceeds from Black Friday through Giving Tuesday to CAP. 

    The majority of CAP’s funding comes from everyday citizens like you and me, who appreciate their mission. They need our help, to continue supporting and uplifting these kids.

    Want to do more? If you’re so inclined, you can donate to CAP or purchase some awesome CAP swag

    We Are Thankful for CAP

    Living with Alopecia is hard. These kids can’t walk out of their homes without being reminded that they are different. Strangers stare or point, and classmates can be cruel. 

    But you can help!
    By donating directly to CAP, or taking part in our Extended Giving Event, you can put your money to work helping to support and uplift these kids. CAP works hard to spread awareness with a message of positivity and acceptance. They stick a flag in the ground that says, “we don’t care if your skin is black, white, green, or hairless- You’re beautiful and loved. And that is a message worth supporting. Happy Thanksgiving

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