Heads and Tales: Connor

Heads and Tales: Connor

Heads and Tales: Connor

My hair loss began in 2nd grade, then I lost it all when I was 11. It felt like a mistake, like a problem that needed to be solved. I tried extremely hard to hold on to my hair... I had this idea that I could style my patchy hair to look like Brad Pitt. Instead I looked more like Brad's pits.

Then one day, after basketball camp, my coach asked my parents if I was going through chemo. That's when I decided it was time to shave it all off. Now I feel like a rockstar. I've truly never felt better!

Women and men, listen up: Bald IS bold.


Connor, aka @modernmonarch, was born in Colorado and now lives the traveling life. He’s a model, photographer, and credit repair specialist who loves climbing trees. Heads up!

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