Heads and Tales: Obum

Heads and Tales: Obum

Heads and Tales: Obum

I started losing my hair during my senior year in college. I felt like I was losing my beautiful curly hair, but I didn’t do anything at all to try to keep it...besides prayer. Haha.

Finally, I honestly was just bored with figuring out how I was going to preserve my hair. So, when I got to the barber I told him - at the last minute before he started cutting my hair - to just shave it low with a fade so I can see what it looks like. I haven’t gone back to my regular hair style since. I love my shaved head. 

Now I truly love it. People say I look like Boris Kodjoe, Vince Carter (and Will Smith In I Am Legend). Now only if I can have their careers.

Being bald is nothing to be ashamed of. It may happen earlier than expected, but you have to own that look. Believe it or not, the compliments I get with my bald head are way better than I did when I had hair! 



Obum is an actor, writer, and restaurant manager in Atlanta, Georgia. Follow along with him on social: Obum Nwankwo for Facebook, @obum for Instagram, @ObumVsBoom for Twitter.

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