Heads and Tales: Gina

Heads and Tales: Gina

Heads and Tales: Gina

I started to lose my hair two weeks after my first chemo. I felt completely lost and had so much anxiety. I even tried not brushing my hair or showering as often in an attempt to keep my hair!

Finally, I realized I was ready to live without the anxiety of my hair falling out. After my husband shaved it I felt so much better and so relieved.

I have come to accept who I am now, and am learning to love the new me! Still, being a woman without hair can be very difficult. When I go bald or wear a headwrap I get stares and looks. Some days, having a wig or ways to cover my head makes me feel normal.


Gina works in social media advertising and enjoys blogging in her spare time. Follow along her journey @ginaotool.

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