Heads and Tales: Julia

Heads and Tales: Julia

Heads and Tales: Julia

I first shaved my head in 2012, during a very strange time in my life. I was stressed about paying bills, I was stressed about the relationship I was in, and I was stressed about who I was because I was still figuring that out. One night when I was feeling very lost, I looked at myself in the mirror and didn't feel like ME anymore. So I took the leap and shaved my head, then just stood in front of the mirror. The feeling I got was what I imagine scientists feel when they make a ground-breaking discovery. It was the purest form of myself I have ever found. That was 6 years ago and I don’t ever see myself going back.

When I first shaved my head it was an adjustment. I was very concerned with other people’s reaction to me. As time has progressed, I feel like being bald is something that makes me the strongest.

Bald woman on couch with two dogs

I have a very emotional and spiritual connection to being bald. I feel like I am now the strongest and prettiest version of myself. I have contemplated growing my hair out a few times, but I never get very far. After a little while, I find myself missing the unconventional beauty of baldness. I feel the most feminine without any hair, and I love standing apart from the crowd.

Be bald, be bold, be brave!

Bald woman cosplay

Julia works as a supervisor at a dog daycare facility in North Carolina. In her spare time you can find her cosplaying, dancing, and modeling. Find her @JaceyJulep on all social feeds for more bald cosplay awesomeness!

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