Heads and Tales: Alec

Heads and Tales: Alec

Heads and Tales: Alec

I’ve struggled with hair loss sporadically since the age of two due to alopecia areata. After healing itself through my young childhood, my hair was in a healthy place. It wasn’t until high school that alopecia started to come back. I felt ashamed and embarrassed, so I grew my hair long to be able to cover the missing spots with the thick, healthy hair that I had on the majority of my head. In addition to keeping my hair long to hide my bald spots, I underwent every treatment short of surgery -- I tried ointments, creams, and topical gels. I went on a gluten free diet, took biotin, and put egg whites on my scalp. Once a month I would go to a doctor and get anywhere from ten to forty steroid shots injected into my scalp.

When I was 21, I cut my hair in a modern cut with totally shaved sides with my healthy, thick hair kept long on the top. It was my attempt to own the parts of my scalp that had lost hair follicles and to keep control over my appearance in a way that I thought showed my personality. By 22, the hair loss had progressed to the top of my head and began to disrupt the hairline of my new hairstyle. When I saw that I had regressed to growing that hair even longer again in an attempt to hide the missing pieces of the new haircut, I knew it was time to yank back against my alopecia and take control. I shaved my head completely bald and have been bald ever since.

Ironically, since going my bald my alopecia is at its mildest it’s been since high school. Yet, I have no desire to grow my hair back. Being bald has given me freedom. I no longer feel insecure about hiding my secret hair loss, or worry about grabbing a hat as I leave the house in case it’s a windy day. I feel liberated by being bald, and it’s given me my confidence back. And THAT makes me feel really sexy.

Alec is an actor in Los Angeles, CA. When he's not on the set, he can usually be found in the great outdoors. Follow along with him @aleccoles

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