It's Halloween, you're bald, and you don't have a costume... Don't panic!

by craniumcare Admin . October 31, 2018

Never fear! Here's a quick rundown of the 6 easiest bald Halloween costumes that you can pull together in a bonus for the most courageous of you baldies out there.

You can pull off any of these in 10 minutes with items you (probably) have around the house. You're welcome. 

1. Walter White
Best for: goateed with glasses 

Layer a white t-shirt with a dark button-down shirt and a dark jacket. Throw on some dark jeans or black pants. Costume sorted. 

2. Mr. Clean
Best for: clean shaven, big muscled 

Put on a white t-shirt and slap some white makeup or powder on your eyebrows. Technically you should wear white pants, but if you don't have them no one will know the difference, just wear jeans. Cross your arms, and voila! 

3. Gru 
Best for: clean shaven, broad-shouldered

All you need is a long striped scarf (preferably black and gray) and a black jacket and pants. Darken your eyebrows and you're good to go. 

4. Charlie Brown
Best for: clean-shaven, totally normal-looking 

Got a yellow shirt? Good! Turn that baby inside out and grab some black duct tape for the zig-zag pattern. Put on a dark pair of shorts, yellow or white socks, and brown shoes and you're all set. Oh, and don't forget to draw a curl on your forehead!

5. G.I. Jane / Dominic Toretto
Best for: hot buzzed or shaved

So you wanna show off your guns? Go for it! G.I. Jane wears a snug white tank or olive t-shirt with a pair of dog tags (aluminum foil, anyone?). For Dominic, swap out the dog tags for a big silver cross. If it's chilly, throw on a leather jacket. Done. 

6. Powder
Best for: clean shaven, no eyebrows

Grab some of that sunblock that always turns your skin white as a ghost, and slather it on. Maybe another layer? Ok. Top it off with sunglasses and a hat. You did it! 

7. Captain Underpants
Best for: the bravest of the brave

All ya' need is a pair of tighty whities and a red cape...and a level-zero embarrassment meter. 


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