Heads and Tales: Megan

Heads and Tales: Megan

Heads and Tales: Megan

We've been sharing 'bald stories' from folks like you for almost a year now, and we often have to cut out some details to make the stories more accessible to social media. But then we thought, why not share the full story on our blog? So we'll be regularly featuring full length stories here. Check back regularly for your bald inspiration! 

This week, our featured baldie is Megan, of North Florida. She is a liver cancer survivor by means of organ transplantation, and has been courageously posting her lovely bald selfies on Instagram, hoping to help others who might be struggling with their own hair loss.

"I started to noticeably lose my hair around December 2017. I suddenly felt like I was getting old and unattractive, and even worried that my husband was going to look elsewhere. I tried everything to hold onto my hair: vitamins, shampoos, expensive salon treatments, cutting it shorter…Then, in April 2018, after seeing the confidence a friend experienced in shaving her hair I figured, "Why not?" So I buzzed it! Then about 2 months later I razored it completely. I wanted to experience the feeling of not having to worry about this 'accessory' that society has made women believe is necessary to be beautiful.

Now I LOVE my look and feel more confident than I ever did with hair! At times I feel like people are judgmental, but more often I feel they are just curious and want to ask why I am bald.  I have adopted the mentality that "the shorter the hair, the harder they stare!" I used to have a short blonde bob which I usually tried to maintain in a Victoria Beckham style. Right now it's about a zero buzz and dark ash blonde, but only because it is growing faster than I can get a razor on it! I might grow it back only in colder months just to keep my dome warm, but then only enough to do just that! Shaving my hair has been freeing, liberating and REVOLUTIONARY!

While I never had to endure chemotherapy or radiation, I did lose significant amounts of my hair due to heavy immunosuppressive medication. After I initially buzzed my hair I began to reflect on my own ‘why’. I realized that if I could help even one individual feel more confident and comfortable with their hair loss by having the choice to shave mine, then I am making a positive impact - as small as it may be - in this world." 

You can find Megan on Instagram @sweetpea_baldie_me. 

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