Wise ideas, down the drain

Wise ideas, down the drain

Wise ideas, down the drain

It's not an Easter decoration: Comprehensive Cranium Care Head Wash just earned its Leaping Bunny, the consumer's official assurance that the product is made cruelty-free throughout its manufacturing process, from the testing stage through to each of the ingredients in the formulation.

It's no coincidence--we don't just consider our products' origins, but how they will impact the world in practice.

It's easy to go down the rabbit hole (see what we did there) reading about the ways household and personal care products can harm the environment, and the humans that use them. Look at microbeads, a former culprit lurking in the personal care aisle. They were tiny plastic exfoliants in products like facial scrubs, which then made their way into the water system to eventually pollute the oceans and Great Lakes, until being banned by President Obama in 2015.

But there are others: most shampoos (and detergents) have surfactants. Part of what they do is help create lather, because as the Washington Post noted, "in consumers' minds, sudsing and cleaning go together." But they can also wreak havoc on ecosystems.

Just like it's common knowledge around these parts that you don't need hair to be a brilliant member of humanity, we also know that washing your scalp doesn't have to look an Ibiza foam party.

Instead of a long list of ingredients, Head Wash has a pump with four simple ingredients. And an un-tested rabbit.

So what goes down your drain is personal care products that work, don't harm animals, and don't harm the planet.

Oh: and C3 is also made in the USA.

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