Heads and Tales: Keya

Heads and Tales: Keya

Heads and Tales: Keya

I started to lose my hair at 2 years old. I’ve worn wigs since first grade -- been wearing lace wigs since before it was a fad! From a young age, I felt ugly even though I knew I was beautiful. I was bullied for having Alopecia by crushes and peers from very early childhood through my teenage years.

I didn’t start shaving my head until my late teens. One early morning I just got the urge, so I grabbed the clippers… and my dad freaked out when he saw it. LOL. I felt the most beautiful when I saw myself bald. Being a woman with no hair is like being a Queen. Interestingly, I still wore wigs, even after high school.

My hair was beautiful when healthy. With Alopecia it’s thin and spotty, so I am bald with patches. Hell yes I’d go back to having hair! I would love to have some fye Lemonade Braids and have my edges poppin.

To be honest, sometimes being a bald woman is great but annoying. Women who CHOOSE to cut their hair think we are the same. We have similarity but we aren’t the same. I didn’t choose Alopecia, it chose me. They could still grow their hair and get braids if they wanted to.

Overall, I am most liberated when I am myself! No matter if I am completely bald or with extended hair.

Now, I am on way to becoming a superstar because I let go of fear. I came to the conclusion that I’d be okay with crashing if it meant to go forth in the calling God asked me to answer for people who need encouragement.


Keya is an entertainer from Chicago, on her way to super-stardom. Follow along on her journey: @truthofabaldie & @giftedlooks and last but not least @keyatrammell.

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